The Plight of the Marshallese

Hi all, I am currently working on an extended post detailing my time as a volunteer at Ka’ewai Elementary school. This school serves primarily Marshallese children. The Marhall Islands are one of three island countries who have signed agreements with the US allowing them to live and work here legally because their island is no longer livable due to US nuclear testing.

Their plight is not over, however. They face significant challenges as Americans. I will detail these in my forthcoming post. Like many things, when I experienced it in person and then did research later, my eyes were opened to even more information that I wished I’d known prior to my experience. So, in the meantime, I want to draw attention to an article (LINK BELOW) and invite you to read it and to pray for the plight of these and all Marshallese people.

Island Adoption Market Delivers Pain and Profit


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