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Kids Bibles for After-School Program!

Click here to see the GoFundMe page for new kids bibles for our after school program.


Dear friends and family members, I do NOT want any presents for my  birthday or graduation! I have already been blessed with much more than I need.  Instead, if you’d like to donate to help me purchase a new set of children’s Bibles, I would so appreciate it (no pressure though, seriously!)

As many of you know, I’ve gotten to hang out with some awesome kids during after-school program this past year by volunteering at SOS Ministry in Bryan, TX.

SOS mission: “Our purpose is to Rescue, Restore, and Release those we serve from a drug and gang infested environment where abuse, poverty, and violence are a way of life.”

A public charter school, Arrow Academy, operates in the SOS building and parents can opt their child into after-school Christian education with SOS. adventurebible

This year we’ve been doing the Gospel Project (a Sunday school curriculum) and it’s been amazing! BUT, we have to use a set of worn-out regular adult Bibles, which are the exact same ones they use for moms and dads Bible Study. This usually just means thatwe skip that part of the lesson and the kids DO NOT get to read from a Bible (Have you seen how tiny the words are and how thin the pages are in a normal adult Bible?)

Kids are smart and perceptive. I’ve seen them fight over the “less ripped” book and respond positively when they know care and resources have been put into a lesson. I know these kids would benefit from having their own nice children’s Bible in front of them (instead of sharing 1 or 2 kid Bibles between a whole class).

SO, as I am leaving Bryan, TX in December, I want to give SOS a brand new set of hardcover durable Kids Bibles for the kids (and the next after-school teachers) to enjoy. If you can donate, I would so appreciate it! If not, your prayers for the continued success of SOS Ministry and for our after-school kiddos are even more important than a donation. theactionbible

Stay tuned because I will post pics as the Bibles get delivered and get used for the first time!

Check out the GoFundMe page to see the (hardcover, durable) Bibles to be included in the set. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Consider picking one Bible and donating enough to cover 1 or a few of that one!

Click here to see the GoFundMe page for new kids bibles for our after school program.


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