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The First to Throw Stones

And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7

The media is something else these days. This convoluted collection of people and organizations who are bringing us “news” in a convoluted collection of mediums leave a lot to be desired.

In what seems to be a cut-throat industry of ratings, views, reviews, awards and lack thereof, I am surprised we still have so many people choosing this as a career. drewjournalism

I have often condemned the media and I am sure I will continue to do so into the future. What I want to refrain from from here on out is condemning the PEOPLE who are the deliverers of the news. I am talking writers, producers, executives, anchors, reporters, etc..

Oftentimes, when I see a clearly biased, inaccurate, one-sided, or otherwise inappropriate piece of news, I think ‘Wow! Whoever is responsible for that should be fired’.

But should they really? Short of one of my sorority sisters from college who is now a local news anchor, I don’t know the people who make the news happen, who make the articles happen, who write the blogs, who allow ill-fated stories to go ahead and reach the public.

The condemnation I have felt towards those people is a poison in my own life and mind (what we allow our minds to dwell on). Even worse, if I have voiced my opinions, it may be poison in their life or in the life of someone whose read or heard my opinion.

It is not my decision whether one of these men or women loses their job and it should not be. I do not know them, their situation, or the circumstances that predicated their involvement in or delivery of that news story.

Refraining from judgement on the people of the media will not be an easy habit to adopt. For one thing, I am predisposed to look for solutions to problems. An inaccurate or unreliable piece of news is a problem in that it may be spreading a potentially harmful viewpoint. To combat this and hopefully be successful at my new goal, I will try 2 tactics:

  1. Saying a prayer that all who read/see the unreliable news are not influenced by it and that I remember that I can leave things in Gods hands.
  2. Respectfully asking the news organization/person to take down or retract their statements (This will be a hard one as I don’t have too many spare minutes these days).

It’s easy to remember that everything belongs to God especially around Thanksgiving (I’ve been teaching the after-school kids to be thankful to God for everything.. even new skateboards).

However, for some reason, it’s also easy to make a villain out of the people delivering our news. Patience and understanding are hard to come by in regard to news folks. But, all involved are someone’s father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, friend. All involved are loved by God. All involved are walking their own storms. All involved are made in Gods image.

I firmly believe that we will bless ourselves and others by showing compassion, understanding, and goodwill to people even in the face of reading or seeing some piece of news that they have totally butchered.



One thought on “The First to Throw Stones

  1. When Hitler had his sights on the Chzekaslovokian Sudetenland he sent agitators in to still up trouble. This trouble was captured by the media, such as it was back then, and broadcast repeatedly to get citizen support for Hilter’s radical agenda.

    While this country isn’t controlled by Nazis, the media is not much different now than it was then. It still an arm of a radical government’s propaganda machine and it’s functioning exactly as it’s supposed to. People who seek the business out as a career are, for lack of a better way to put it, useful idiots and cogs in the machine.

    This is a really good post.

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