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The Great Bathroom Debate.. LOL @ Target

giphy (2)

For your viewing pleasure, I have added GIFs throughout this story which further convey how I feel about this whole debacle.

First of all, props to Target for getting a lot of free publicity based on basically nothing.

In case you live under a rock, Target announced they will have “gender neutral” bathrooms. Cue liberals being happy, conservatives being pissed.

Target probably ran the numbers and saw that more of their target demographic would be happy and it would give them publicity that they didn’t have to pay for so why the heck not? It’s good business for them to make a pretty meaningless announcement that people love to argue online about. (Keyboard warriors assemble!)

At the very least, their social media team is hitting their numbers for online impressions this quarter. Congrats, guys!

giphyA lot of people are up in arms about this, starting petitions, boycotting, long online rants (not unlike this one but meaner). A lot of those cranky people are Republicans, conservatives, right-wingers, GOP, etc.. I will still call myself a Republican all day long but give me a break on this one, people. This is silly. WHO CARES ?

Here’s the deal: when I’m going to the bathroom, my pants are down. That puts me in a vulnerable spot because I basically don’t want anyone (man or woman or animal or even creepy stray piece of toilet paper that’s floating through the bathroom air) to see or touch me with my pants down. But my pants are going to be down and I’m going to have a few moments of vulnerability either way.

giphy (1)Ok, so before this announcement, all the biological men had to be two walls away (the cubicle wall + the bathroom wall). Now, there may be only one wall between me and a potential (?) threat while I’m vulnerable. Ok, in some sort of demented universe where we nit pick at every little thing I can see where this is a problem.

When are you ever in a Target where you can’t scream and have about 20 people come running to see what’s wrong? Every time I’ve been there at least 3 people have asked if I need help so there’s got to be enough staff to respond if someone starts acting shady.

Maybe I’m naive but this whole thing seems ludicrous, pointless, stupid, and like a big publicity stunt.giphy (3)

Also, feel free to read this article entitled 15 Experts Debunk Right Wing Transgender Bathroom Myths . It’s kind of biased too because no one is able to write anything unbiased anymore.

If you’re a conservative or a Christian, please don’t jump on this train of boycotting Target etc. just because your peers did. Think it through. Is inciting the people who are happy about this decision worth your time?

giphy (4)

Because I didn’t want anyone to be offended that I used all female GIFs and also because.. Ryan Gosling

Instead, your time will be better spent praying for the actual predators who probably aren’t using Target’s bathrooms to do terrible things but are still out there somewhere doing terrible things. Spend your time praying that they’ll stop and repent and you’ll probably save a lot more innocent victims with the power of prayer than you will by fighting Target’s pretty boring announcement.


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